Tuition Payment Plan

The NC State Cashier’s Office understands sometimes delays occur in the processing of Veterans Education student benefit payments. As a result, NC State offers veterans, and other eligible students, a Payment Deferment Plan.

This plan is designed to coincide with the VA release of Post-9/11 Tuition and Fee payments and student Monthly Education Benefit stipends. It permits Veterans Education Benefits recipients to:

  1. Divide the eligible items in your NC State billing into four (4) equal payments
  2. Defer your first payment until after the first month of the semester.

This deferred plan is only necessary for student account balances that are not paid directly by VA Post-9/11 Education Benefits or other financial aid. Both the Post-9/11 benefit amount and other financial aid amounts will be automatically deferred.

NOTE: If you are not a student utilizing Veterans Education Benefits, this option is not available to you.

Follow these steps to enroll:

Step 1. Complete your course enrollment and online VA Certification Request. Upon completion, the Cashier’s Office will be notified of your VA benefit status.

Step 2. If you are VA Benefits-eligible, you can gain access to the Payment Deferment Plan by contacting the University Cashier’s Office (

Step 3. Determine the eligible amount required for the payment plan (i.e. amount not paid directly by VA Post-9/11 or other financial aid) and register that amount in the Veterans Education – Payment Deferment Plan.

  • Your first Veterans Education Benefits eligible payment for the term is now deferred and will not be required until the first payment deadline under the Veterans’ Education – Payment Deferment Plan.

Additional information concerning the plan, including payment schedule and Payment Deferment budget calculation, can be found on the Student Services Center website. You can also contact the University Cashier’s Office ( if you have additional questions concerning this payment plan.