NC State, like much of the country, has felt the impacts of COVID-19. We would like to provide information to our VA Education Benefits recipients in order to provide assurances regarding your benefits and additional details about your special circumstances as important members of the Wolfpack community.

COVID-19 and Your VA Benefits

VA Benefit Updates by Chapter:

  • Students using CH35 DEA, CH 30 MGIB, and CH 1606 Selected Reserve VA education benefits will not be affected by a change in course instruction delivery (move to distance learning).
  • Students under CH 30 MGIB, CH 1606 Selected Reserve, will continue to certify their attendance through the WAVE system as normal.
  • Select students using Post 9/11 STEM scholarship will also continue to certify their attendance monthly by emailing

Our Veterans Education Benefits officials are closely monitoring campus actions and are accurately reviewing VA regulations and policy to ensure our students are best informed and supported through these events.

For service members and veterans using the VA Medical System, please see VA recommendations below:

If you’re coming in for a health care visit, stop and call first, or send a secure message through MyHealtheVet—even if you have an appointment. You may be able to get diagnosed and receive care through VA telehealth without having to leave home. If you do visit, plan to get there earlier than usual to answer some simple screening questions.

Will earning an “Incomplete Grade” affect my VA education benefits?

No, Incomplete Grades (IN) reported on academic transcripts will not affect VA education benefits. 

In accordance with university regulation 02.50.03, an “Incomplete Grade can be given at the discretion of the instructor, students may be given an IN grade for work not completed because of a serious interruption in their work not caused by their own negligence.”

Since a letter grade must be reported within a 12 month period, the VA does not require schools to report “IN” grades.

Housing Stipend: Post 9/11 (CH33) and Vocational Rehabilitation (CH31)

S.3503 was recently signed into law allowing schools to certify courses transitioned to online learning as residential through December 2020. This change protects on-campus Post 9/11 and Vocational Rehabilitation student’s housing rate for future terms as we move forward.

Note: Courses originally scheduled and designed for DE learning will still be certified as DE learning and will not be reported as a residential course.

Can/should I drop a course if I am receiving VA Education Benefits?

Withdrawing from a course can have an adverse effect on a student VA Education benefits.  Before completing a course withdrawal, please contact our Veterans Education Benefits team at 919.515.2572 or by emailing

Enhanced Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Option:

An Enhanced Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading Option is now available to all students and can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses (the College of Veterinary Medicine has a separate plan appropriate for their courses).

Those using VA education benefits who wish to change a course grading to “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory” will now be able to do so without it impacting their benefits for the current terms.

Details of the new options are highlighted on the Student Services Center website.

For help with resources and support opportunities, connect with the Military and Veterans Services community.

Visit Here

Impacts of Online Delivery Courses

Updates regarding GI Bill benefits and transitioning from originally scheduled residential courses to “Online Delivery” through Fall 2021.

Post 9/11 (CH33) and Veteran Readiness and Employment (CH31)

Graduate and Undergraduate Students who enroll in an “Online Delivery” course will still have that course certified as “Residential Learning” (on-campus) for VA benefits, qualifying them for the on-campus housing rate.

Students looking to register for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021 classes will need to ensure that they are registering for at least one class designated as on-campus or “Online Delivery” covering the entire academic term in order to receive the on-campus housing rate for that specific term.

MGIB Active Duty (CH30), DEA (CH35), and Selected Reserve (CH1606)

Students using any of these benefits are not required to be enrolled in an “On-Campus” class in order to receive their full monthly stipend, and are not impacted by the transition to “Online Delivery.”

Students under MGIB Active Duty (CH30) and Selected Reserve (CH1606) will continue to certify their attendance through the WAVE system as normal.

VA Full-time Requirements for Monthly Stipends (All Chapters)

Fall Term:

Undergraduate Students: 12 credit hours

Graduate Students: 9 credit hours (graduate students enrolled in the MBA program or in a program requiring a thesis or dissertation may have a different full-time requirement).

Summer Sessions:

Undergraduate Students: 4 credit hours per 5 week term (8 total if registered for both Summer terms)

Graduate Students: 3 credit hours per 5 week term (6 total if registered for both Summer terms)

Example of Online Delivery vs. Distance Education (noted under ‘Location’)