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Reports and Queries

Commonly Used Queries in SIS

Access to and navigation within the SIS query tool may change depending upon your security level. If you need access, initiate a request through your college/department SAR liaison. (Login is required.)

The typical path to the query viewer or query manager is:

SIS > Monitoring Tools & Reports > Query Manager (Viewer) – Reporting

The following queries are grouped based on frequently requested categories. New queries are added to the list upon development.

If you would like to add a query to the list, please submit a ticket and we will try to accommodate your request.

Query Name


Advising – *SIS page for advising queries also exist under Faculty Services > Advisor Queries
SR_STUDENT_LIST_ADDRESS_CAREER Student email, academic program/plan, permanent/mailing address, information.  Students with a privacy block are removed.  Query prompts on Career Level
SR_STUDENTS_X_DEGRE_HRS_REMAIN Search for students by program or plan who have the less than the amount of prompted hours remaining towards degree completion.  IN Progress Hours are not included in Remaining hours.
SR_STUDENT_MINORS Students in active minor academic plan codes for the current term.  Prompt on Career, Term, and Plan.
SR_ADVISEES_BY_ADVISOR_EMPLID List of Advisees by Advisor.  Prompt on Advisor emplid and Term.
SR_ADVISEES_BY_PLAN Lists Advisees by academic plan.  Prompt on Term, Career, Institution, Program, and Plan (optional).
SR_CLASS_SCHEDULE_BY_ADVISOR Lists Advisees schedule by advisor.  Prompt on Term and Advisor ID.
SR_GRADE_DISTRIBUTIONS Grade distributions by subject.  For official University use ONLY.
SR_ADVISEES_GRADES_BY_ADVISOR Student grades by Advisor based on End of Term (EOT).  Prompt on Advisor emplid and Term.
LA_GRADES Students with LA Grades.  Prompt on Term, Career (optional), 2 digit Academic Organization (optional).
GRADE_CHANGES_BY_TERM ALL submitted grade change requests.  Prompts on Term and Academic Organization.
SR_STU_SPECIAL_GROUP_GCO Pulls a list of students who are active in a specific student group code AND have applied to graduate.
SR_GCO_FREQ_SUMMARY Graduation numbers by degree and college.
Scheduling – *SIS page for scheduling queries also exist under Scheduling Officer Queries
CR_ENROLLMENT_BY_ACAD_ORG Search by course academic org and find the students enrollment for a specific term.
Student Groups
SR_STU_SPECIAL_GROUP_ACT_PLAN Students who are active in a specific student group code AND active in the current term.  Prompt on Group Code, Term, Career and Plan (multiple plan options if necessary)
SR_STU_SPECIAL_GROUP_ACT Students who are active in a specific student group code AND active in the current term.  Prompt on Group Code, Term, and Career.