Tuition Waiver for Ages 65+

Residents of North Carolina aged 65 or older (65+) who meet Non-Degree Studies admission requirements may audit courses at NC State University tuition-free on a space-available basis. Senior Auditors must be in good standing with the university, and must not have any financial holds on any institutional accounts. North Carolina Immunization Requirements state that senior auditors will need to comply with the immunization requirements required under G.S. 130A-155.1, as well as any applicable institutional immunization policy requirements. Please carefully review the instructions below to complete the admissions and enrollment process.

Enrollment for "Continuing 65+ Students"

If you are currently enrolled and would like to continue for another consecutive term, you are considered a “Continuing 65+ student.”

  1. Register online through the MyPack Portal using your Unity ID and password during the designated Non-Degree Studies enrollment period (dates are available on the Enrollment Calendar.) You will not be able to enroll in courses for audit, but Registration and Records will adjust your enrollment upon receipt of your 65+ Waiver Form.
  2. Return a completed 65+ Waiver Form to the Department of Registration and Records to have your course adjusted to audit and your tuition waived. This form is required for every term in which you audit classes at NC State with the tuition waived.

Admission and Enrollment for "New 65+ Students" and "Returning 65+ Students"

Note: Students who have participated in the 65+ waiver program in the past but skipped 2 regular (Fall or Spring) semesters are considered “Returning 65+ students” and follow the same registration guidelines listed below. If you are a Current 65+ Student registering for the following semester, follow the registration instructions for “Continuing 65+ Students” above.

Step 1. Complete the Non-Degree Studies Application for Ages 65+.

You may hand deliver, mail or fax the completed NDS Application form and 65+ Waiver form to Registration and Records at:

Attn: 65+ Waiver Program
Registration and Records
1000 Harris Hall, Campus Box 7313
Raleigh, NC 27695-7313

fax: 919-515-2376

Step 2. Select the classes you want to take. 

The complete schedule of classes is available online.

Step 3. Register for classes via MyPack Portal.

  • Registration for 65+ students will take place during open enrollment after all tuition-paying students have enrolled.
  • Registration and Records is not responsible for registering students. We can assist in the process, but students must take the necessary steps of course registration.
  • 65+ students must comply with all current audit policies. All courses requiring prerequisites and restrictions will require permission and registration by the specific department offering the course.
  • Auditing is not permitted in courses requiring labs, studios, performances, online distance education courses, independent studies courses, internships, special topics, or other special courses as outlined in institutional policies.
  • You will not be able to enroll in courses for audit, but Registration and Records will adjust your enrollment upon receipt of your 65+ Waiver Form.
  • Once you have been approved for participation, you will receive a Unity ID and password, which are required to access the MyPack Portal and register online.
  • Find out when NDS students are eligible to register by viewing the Enrollment Calendar.
  • Register online through the Enrollment Wizard in MyPack Portal (Unity ID and password required). The Enrollment Overview video tutorial can walk you through the process.
  • For registration assistance, contact Registration and Records at 919-515-2572.
  • Access information on add/drop dates on the Academic Calendar.

Step 4. Once enrolled, complete and return the 65+ Waiver form.

  • You may hand deliver, mail or fax the completed 65+ Waiver form to Registration and Records to the address listed above.
  • This form must be received by Registration and Records no later than 1:00 p.m. on the last day to add a course without instructor approval for the semester attending. This is typically the 5th day of a Fall or Spring term and the 2nd day of a Summer term.
  • Registration and Records will process your form and adjust your enrollment to audit and waive the tuition for the enrolled course(s).

NOTE: Any change in course enrollment without an updated Waiver Form will result in the full tuition being charged for that class.

Step 5. Review information on student resources and visit the Student Services Center website for more information on course enrollment.