Beginning of Semester Reminders

Reminders for beginning of the Fall 2015 semester:

Viewing and Modifying Your Schedule

Your Fall 2015 class schedule is available online via MyPack Portal. Please review your schedule to ensure that you are enrolled for the correct courses.

If you need to modify your schedule, you may do so using MyPack Portal. Please refer to the University Cashier’s website for information about schedule modification and tuition calculation.

Your schedule is now mobile! Need your schedule while you’re on the move? View it on your mobile device with our convenient app!

Please review the complete Fall 2015 academic calendar for add/drop deadlines and schedule revision deadlines.

NOTE:If you have trouble accessing MyPack Portal or have forgotten your Unity ID and/or password, please contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at (919) 515-HELP.


Waitlists for the Fall 2015 semester will drop after the fifth day of classes (Tuesday, August 25). If you previously waitlisted a course, please check your schedule to see if you were placed into the course or if you will need to make other arrangements in case you are not able to enroll.

Remember, the last day to add a course without instructor permission is Tuesday, August 25.

Please review the complete Fall 2015 academic calendar for add/drop deadlines and schedule revision deadlines.

FERPA and Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives students certain rights to privacy and rights of access to their educational records. The university defines certain directory information to be publicly accessible unless you have a privacy block on your records. Privacy blocks can be created through MyPack Portal using the Privacy Settings feature under Personal Info.

NOTE: If you are graduating in Fall 2015, please ensure that your privacy settings in the MyPack Portal indicate your intention for inclusion or exclusion from the graduation program and official press releases.

For help on how to change your privacy settings in MyPack Portal, please see the FERPA/Privacy tutorial..

View the Annual Notification of Rights Under FERPA

Verification of Enrollment

Full-time students may obtain a Verification of Enrollment for insurance or loan purposes via MyPack Portal a few days after the start of the semester. If you need something before this time, please visit our office in 1000 Harris Hall. We would be happy to assist you.

Student Health Insurance

In Fall 2010, a “hard waiver” student health insurance requirement was implemented at NC State. If you already have health insurance through another provider and do not wish to enroll in StudentBlue, you must submit a waiver. Waivers must be submitted each semester.

Please review the information on the Student Health Services website for more information on how to submit a waiver, along with new policy changes for 2015-2016. The Fall 2015 waive/enrollment deadline is Thursday, September 10.

Address and Telephone Update

University administration will use your Home/Mailing address (and your Unity e-mail address) to contact you periodically throughout the year. Your directory information may be updated online via your Student Center in MyPack Portal. This includes your address, phone number and privacy block information. To ensure accurate correspondence between the university and yourself, please update your directory information on MyPack Portal prior to the beginning of the semester.

A guide to your Student Center, including information about updating contact information, is available on our website.

Emergency Notifications

In the event of an emergency, the following is a listing of available notification/communication options for use at NC State University:

  • Text messaging
  • Home page message
  • Broadcast e-mail
  • Emergency Listserv
  • Campus hotline
  • Campus and external media
  • Crime alerts

For more detailed information, please visit:

Right to Vote

Registration and Records would also like to remind you that NC State students may be eligible to register and vote in Wake County, North Carolina. More information about North Carolina voter registration can be found at:

Tuition Surcharge*

Any student in the UNC system may be subject to the 50% tuition surcharge if he/she accumulates more than 140 credit hours toward his/her first 4-year baccalaureate degree. A student enrolled in an officially designated 5-year degree program may be subject to the tuition surcharge if he/she accumulated 110% of the necessary credit hours required for graduation.

For more information about tuition surcharge calculation, and coursework or circumstances that qualify as exempt from the surcharge, visit the University Cashier’s website.

*The tuition surcharge was set forth by the North Carolina General Statute 116-143.7, Section 9.10(a), effective with the 2010-2011 academic year.

Important Numbers

If you have further questions or concerns, these offices may be of assistance:
University Cashier’s Office: (919) 515-2986
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid: (919) 515-2421
Office of Registration and Records: (919) 515-2572
University Housing: (919) 515-2440
Office of Information Technology: (919) 515 4357
Academic Advising Services: (919) 515-1723