Change of Degree Application (CODA)

Welcome to NC State’s centralized site for applying to add or change majors. This site contains all the information and tools you need to research majors, and to apply to change or add a new major.

Explore Majors

If you would like to see how your current coursework translates to your desired major, you can run a “What If” scenario on your degree audit for your intended curriculum. If you are not familiar with your degree audit, please see our degree audit tutorial.

Am I Eligible?

In order to apply to change or to add another major, a student must either:

  1. Have attempted fewer than twelve credit hours at NC State, and meet the admissions requirements of the new curriculum OR
  2. Have attempted twelve or more hours at NC State, and have satisfied the transfer requirements for a specific major.

How to CODA

CODA Application

Once you have examined the requirements for your intended program, you can access the application by clicking the button below.

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